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Enjoy our challenging 18 hole mini golf course. In the backdrop of the golf course is a mountain with a cascading waterfall that runs into a river that you have to walk over bridges to get to the other side. A vulture circles one of the mountain peaks, keeping an eye on things below.

On the 18th hole you will have a chance to win a free golf pass if you hit the ball into the centre of the ring.


Bumper Boats

Cool off in our Bumper Boats while trying to squirt your friends or family before they squirt you - a perfect way of cooling off from the hot Osoyoos sun.


Go Karts

Our gas powered Go Karts are extremely popular with all ages. It offers a challenging layout, overpass, spectacular backdrop and high performance cars, is probably the most unique go kart track in all of British Columbia and has been immensely popular with visitors of all ages. Whether you want to ride in one of our powerful single carts or a double cart, you will love it.



Visit the Okanagan's only authentic windmill. Featuring 48 flavours of ice cream, freshly made waffle cones, slushie drinks, cotton candy, iced cappuccinos, cold drinks and much more. Find out why so many people come back night after night for our famous ice cream. There are plenty of seats on the deck of the Windmill or for a great view of the Go Kart track, go to the roof top deck to cheer for the drivers. Our ice cream servings are the largest you will ever see.



Inside the bottom of the mountain is our 1500 sq. ft arcade with over 30 games to play. Located across from the entrance to the Go Kart track, our arcade will keep you occupied for hours. A great way to cool off from the sunshine and challenge your friends and family.


Bungee Tree

Watch the faces of the people jumping into the air at the Bungee Tree. Smiles and lots of them. The reason….. This ride is FUN!! This ride is based on a regular trampoline but there is a big difference. The rider is wearing a harnass with bungee cords attached to it to enable the rider to make unusually high, stable jumps in a safe setting. Come try it out to experience how much fun this ride is.


Tumble Whirl

Also known to many as a tilt-a-whirl, this amusement park favourite will make you smile…. and maybe a bit dizzy. We can teach you a few tricks to make one of the 7 cars spin so you can feel the g forces take you away.



A great new ride for the kids. The kids love this ride that makes them feel like they are driving their own helicopter.



Introduced in 2018, this new attraction is fun for all ages. It is like playing basketball on a trampoline as you try to shoot the ball over your opponent into the hoop.


Climbing Wall

Located at the back of Rattlesnake Canyon is our 35 foot rock climbing wall. Challenge your climbing skills on one of the 5 different faces to conquer. An attendant will be able to guide you on the "know hows" once you are securely fastened to the repelling rope and ready to go.



Located in front of the Windmill, the Tornado is ready to take you on an aerial tour of Osoyoos. Once seated in one of the 30 swing chairs, we will elevate you to new heights. Just like being in a swing as a kid the Tornado will give you an elevated tour without having to swing your legs to move. With the warm Osoyoos breeze in your face you will feel refreshed as you get a great view of Rattlesnake Canyon, Osoyoos Lake, and the desert surroundings.


Mining Station

Purchase one of our 4 different types of bags mixed with gemstones and fossils and take them to our mining sluice. Empty the bag into the screen, screen through the sand and check your find. There are over 53 types of gemstones and 30 types of fossils.


Tattoo Parlour

Have you thought about getting a tattoo but weren't sure if you wanted it to be permanent? Here's your chance to take home a temporary tattoo to show off to your friends and family.


Gift Store

Visit our Gift Store for lots of souvenirs and fun items. We have clothing, candy, toys, games, camping needs, glassware, jewelry, and much more.



During the summer months our concession stand will satisfy your hunger. We offer hot dogs, chicken strips, fries, deep fried pickles and zucchini, fish & chips, cotton candy, pretzels, coffee, cold drinks and our famous mini donuts.

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